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With Ghost Electric, LLC, powering your electric vehicle becomes effortless. We specialize in EV charging station installations for homes and businesses alike.

Professional EV Charging Station Installers in Mount Vernon, IN

Ghost Electric, LLC is at the forefront as your dedicated EV charging station installers in Mount Vernon, IN. We bring over two decades of electrical expertise to the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure. Offering EV charger installation, we focus on providing both residential and commercial clients with top-notch, reliable charging solutions. Our services include the full spectrum, from commercial EV charging station installation to residential EV charger installation, ensuring that every client has access to convenient, efficient, and future-proof charging options.

ev charging station installations

Seamless EV Charger Setup

Electric vehicles are the future, and a proper EV charging station installation is key to this transition. Understanding the unique requirements of each client, our EV charger installers provide customized services that cover all aspects of setup and operation. Our installations are designed to be hassle-free, ensuring that your transition to electric is smooth. With state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that your charging station is not just a utility, but a smart investment into the longevity and efficiency of your electric vehicle’s power supply.

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In Mount Vernon, IN, Ghost Electric, LLC is your go-to source for cutting-edge EV charging solutions. We’re not just installers; we’re innovators in the electric vehicle space, bringing you the latest in EV charging technology. Our team’s commitment to excellence ensures that your EV charging capabilities are reliable, efficient, and ready to go whenever you are. Let’s set up your charging station today and take a giant leap towards a sustainable, electric-driven lifestyle.

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